Fundamental Rules to Play Kids Soccer

There are several rules associated with kid’s soccer which are a must-know for every parent, coach, and child who needs to develop talent and play professional levels in future. This means that your child should join a recognized team if he needs to understand the fundamentals of the game. Further, for him to learn to play soccer better, he should be focused and respect his coach. This is the only way that he can achieve his dreams without struggling. Additionally, as a parent you should be supportive in all ways and avoid putting excessive pressure on the kid to perform or trying to live your dreams through him. Remember, talent is nurtured and not forced on individuals.

Ball Control

There are many rules that govern soccer and if any is broken then the individual will always be penalized by the authorities that are in charge. To begin with, the size and shape of the field must meet accepted international specifications. It should be rectangular in shape and clearly painted for different positions. In most cases, those learning to play soccer should always practice in a field that has a length of 100m and a width of 64m. It is important to note that these can vary based on age of the kids who are playing soccer.

The ball size will also vary based on the children training or playing in any specific tournament. Basically, each team must have 11 players and if you add another player you will be penalized because it is against laid down rules. The ball is usually centered before the game begins and kick-off is more than often determined by tossing a coin. In case of a substitution, you need to inform the referee lest you are penalized. You are only allowed 3 substitutes per game but also this is subject to change based on league being played and other variable factors.

It is important to know that a game takes only but 90 minutes and is played in two haves each taking 45 minutes. In between the first and second half of the game, players are allowed to take a 15 minute break. It is during this period that the coach can offer advice to players based on their game and technical issues are taken care of. You can never use your hands when playing soccer unless you are a goal keeper. Overall, the ball should never cross the side line in case it does then it will be a throw in for the opponents.

It is important to note that all players must wear the necessary equipment before they can begin playing any game. These include soccer shoes, shorts, jersey, and shin guards, this is to prevent injury and also show that you belong to a specific team. You will be fouled if you kick an opponent, use your hands to divert the ball (except goalie), deliberately spit on opponent, charges opponents, or intentionally strike an opponent. If you have these rules on your finger tips, never at any given time will you be penalized.

Biography: Mark Long is an avid soccer fan, coach, adviser, and lectures about soccer in a good number of sporting institutions around the globe. He is closely associated with team who train kids on how to learn to play galaxy soccer as an adviser on technical issues.

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