Warm Up Exercises For Soccer

A proper dynamic warm up will not only help prevent injuries during soccer games and practices, but it will also lead to a more powerful performance on the field, or in the gym.  The exercises demonstrated in the videos below will prepare your muscles, joints, and nervous system for the activities ahead, enabling you to contract more quickly in the game or practice to follow.  Here is a basic full body athletic warm up, progressing from slower to more explosive movements:


Here is another demonstration of more soccer-specific dynamic warm up exercises.  If time allows, once you have finished the general warm up shown above, this series of “Warm Up Activation Exercises” below would be a great progression to help you get game-ready!

Be sure to make time to properly warm up before training or playing… it can make the difference between a winning soccer performance versus missing games due to injury.  Review these videos, and make sure you’re training with a team or coach that understands the importance of a good dynamic warm up.

To thank you for checking out our blog and being part of our soccer community, I have attached a free e-report to this post for you… it covers some of the basic warm  up exericses, with descriptions and illustrations, so you can print it and bring it with you to practice.  You can download it at:


Train smart and play hard!


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