Top 5 Soccer Skills Players Need

To become a well-rounded athlete takes a number of important elements: fitness, conditioning, speed, athleticism, and a winning attitude. But arguably the most important attribute for becoming a great soccer athlete is technique and skill development.

It was once said that to become a master, one must become a master of the basics. Well, these are the Top Five Basic Soccer Skills that players need to improve their performance:

Soccer Skill #1:

Juggling – Aim to hit the ball right in the middle and create that perfect back-spin. Work on speed and control.

Soccer Skill #2:

Dribbling – Work on change of direction and change of speed. Make it realistic to a game situation… try to accelerate with the ball!

Soccer Skill #3 & #4:

Passing & Receiving – This is very important for every position! Practice against a wall or with a partner. Really work on your first touch, so you can receive it in such a way that you can pass right away.

Soccer Skill #5: 

Shooting – Always practice this skill as it will improve all ball striking. I suggest practicing on a daily basis if possible. Work on strict technique, shoot straight, and get the ball on target.


Watch this short video to learn how to practice these skills:

Stay fit, train smart, play hard!


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